717FDC Announces Tournament Schedule changes

March 3, 2021

It’s been a busy week in the 717FDC. On Monday 3/1 at 8PM, registration went live for the 14th Annual Whispering Falls Harvest. Within 3 minutes the tournament was full and the waitlist was filling quickly. Discussion amongst the clubs staff quickly turned to the topic of “how do we meet the demand?”. Tournaments all over are filling as soon as registration opens and local club members that put their time in to maintain the courses aren’t even able to register. To combat this, the 717FDC has made a few changes in their tournament schedule.

The first step was to make the 717FDC a PDGA Affiliate Club. By rule in the Competition Manual, affiliate clubs are allowed to offer early registration to their members as long as it doesn’t exceed 33% of the field. So while this may not allow all members to get in early, at least it’s a start.

Next was a change to an already scheduled tournament. The Ditto Duo was split in to a two day event with Pros/Advanced AMs on Saturday and All Other AM Divisions moved to Sunday. This will double the registration capacity and hopefully relieve some of the strain on the local tournament demand. Early registration has also been set up to allow Women’s Divisions an opportunity to be a little more full and for club members to have a chance to get in to the tournament.

Lastly was the addition/resurrection of an additional tournament to the clubs schedule. The return of the MDX (Crosstown) tournament. Russell Johnston has had a desire to run an event for some time and the demand for more tournaments led him to step up and bring back this awesome event with a slight modification. MDX7 will still take place at both Ditto Farms DGC and Whispering Falls DGC, but instead of two rounds at each course over two days, the tournament will take place in one day. Players will start at Ditto Farms and play one round there, then they will commute to Whispering Falls and complete a second round there.

Registration for MDX7 opens on April 3, 2021 and details are still being finalized on layouts and registration options. More information can be found in the “Events” section of the website or by visiting the Disc Golf Scene page.

Posted by Chad Keener