League Kickoff Weekend

It’s kickoff weekend for our weekly leagues. Have you renewed your membership with the club yet? Remember you have to be a paid active member of the club in order to participate in our weekly points league. Head over to the club’s website and fill out the membership form to join or renew your membership. http://www.717fdc.com/membership/
This weekends league round is at Ditto Farms DGC playing the Main Layout (Long to Yellow). Get your groups together and go have a great round.
I’m interested in playing a round on Sunday at around 12:45. Is anyone interested in joining me? If we get too many, we can flip discs for cards. Let me know if you’d like to join me for a round.
I’ll plan to be at Ditto around 12:30 and will have tags for most that have already purchased them. You can pick them up from me before or after the round. We are waiting on our 2nd batch of tags to be made, so I may not have enough for everyone but I will get them to you at some point.

Posted by Chad Keener