Week 3 of leagues continues on a hot streak.

Week 3 is in the books. 49 players turned out this weekend, which is impressive considering only 17 members played in the Harvest Tournament on Saturday. (More on that in a bit).

Points are updated on the DGScene page:

Congrats to DaShawn Martin on taking down the win this week with a -6 (51). Well done sir. I guess since Asher didn’t win this week, I’ll have to take it easy on him with the weekly nicknames.(for now)

Extra Kudos to the last card in for the week. To say you were chasing the dark would be an insult to the dark. I hope you guys brought glow discs with you for those last few holes.

Thank you to everyone that came out and participated this weekend. Next week is at Cove Valley playing the short (Main) layout. Look for my post on Wed. morning for more details.

Now, as for league rounds during tournament weekends. We’ve had a little discussion today regarding the course availability during tournament weekends. It’s slightly less fair to the club members who don’t participate in tournaments to have their available course time restricted. In order to try to make things more fair for everyone, we will extend league weekends when they coincide with a 717FDC tournament. So, in June for the MDX7 tournament weekend, we will add the Thursday before as an extra day for your league rounds. For the Ditto Duo in August, we will add both the Thursday before and Tuesday after as extra days since that tournament is on both Sat. and Sun. We’ll release more details on this closer to the dates, but I wanted to let everyone know that we’re thinking of you. Flex start is new to us this year and it’s a work in progress, so bare with us while we figure out the nuances.

Posted by Chad Keener