Week 9 Leagues, back above 50

Week 9 in the books. Just a measly 52 turned out this week, what has this club come to when we can’t get 60+. I jest, great turn out considering the weather was questionable all weekend.

We did set a new club record this week though. We had 5 cards of 2. This is not a record we want to break. We can do better folks, let’s work to get at least 3 on a card.

OK, on to the accolades. Another new name atop the leaderboard. Eli crushed it this week. I’m sure he’s pissed about something on hole 15. Be sure to ask him about it when you see him. Seriously though, great round sir!

The rest of my praise is going to focus on the bottom half of the card.

Stef Hare – How great did that 3 feel on Hole 14? Not a gimme, and great job.

Lee Shaver – One of 2 birdies on Hole 8. Nice shooting!! That’s a tough gap to hit.

Doug Swanger – Please share the awesome story that must go along with the solo birdie on Hole 15. Come on man!!!

And lastly, I’d like to share the story of Dave Beckley’s Hole 6. Tee shot hit an early tree. (it happens) 2nd shot caught full chains and came to rest in the basket. Unfortunately for Dave, it was the red basket.

DGScene is updated:https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

And so is UDisc site:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/7-May-xV99?tab=scores

Posted by Chad Keener