Week 25, League Summary

Sorry for the delayed post. With league wrapping up on a Tuesday and I didn’t want to step on Brad’s WDW post, here it is 5:00.

Well, It was a hot and humid weekend to take on Ditto Longs. The tournament was a great success and it seems like many were still able to get their rounds in with the extra days available. I was very lenient w/ the cards of 3 rule this week since many were participating in the tournament and it was more difficult to find card mates. Get it back on track for this weekend though folks. You’ve been doing really well with that.

Alright then, 1st off a huge congrats to Obadiah for taking down the win this week with his -1(57). This is his 2nd win of the season. Look at his scores and you’ll see the key to success for this layout. Keeping it clean will reward you every time.

Brad came in 2nd with his +1(59). I’m sure he and Asher will argue in the comments about being allowed to use their 2nd tournament round scores for leagues, but the guidelines were laid out early.

Rounding out the top 3 this week is Russell with his +2(60). He will counter Brad’s argument and is thankful his Sat. round 1 score is what counts.

Accolades time: Gotta go with the rare birdies. 3 holes only had 1 birdie each this week and boy oh boy are they good ones. Brad managed to snag 2 of these getting both hole’s 12 and 15. I’ve personally seen him get 12 a number of times, but 15??? Come on man!!! Great shot. Philip managed to get hole 17. While not as rare as the birdie on 15, it’s still a great shot that not many can get. Good job both of you.

Hole stats posted below.

UDisc site updated: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/26-Aug-NVgx?tab=scores

DGScene Leaderboard updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Have a great week everyone.

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Posted by Chad Keener