Week 28, League Summary

A light showing this week for our final trip of the season to Cove Valley. Just 23 showed to take on the mixed tees layout.

I have a video of Paul wading into the lake to retrieve a disc. He gave me permission to share it, but no one should have to look at those hiked up pants, white legs.

This week we have a tie for 1st between Clayton and Brad. Both put in good rounds of -5(57)’s. This counts as Clay’s 2nd win of the season and Brad’s 8th. Well done to both of you.

Tied for 3rd are Asher and Matthew with their -3(59)’s. Great job both of you on this mixed layout.

Accolades time: This week it’s tough for me to decide where to start. I think I’ll leave it up to you in the comments. Which is more impressive, Asher’s Eagle 2 on hole 17 or Clay’s solo back to back birdies on holes 10 & 11? Both are great accomplishments that they should be proud of. Mcdaniel’s had the solo birdie on 16 with an obstructed long C1X putt to get it. Well done sir! Lot’s of other great things on the cards, but my fingers are getting tired.

Hole stats posted below. I find it curious that holes 6 & 10 from the short tees played harder than any of the holes we played from the long tees.

UDisc page updated: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/17-Sep-AA66?tab=scores

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Posted by Chad Keener