Week 23, League Summary

Busy weekend at the Falls. 33 showed up to take their shot at the Top 18 Short layout.

Tyler shows up for his 3rd league round of the year and is already taking down a win with his -9(46). Congrats man, and great shooting.

DaShawn and Brad tied for 2nd with their -8(47)’s. Great job.

Well, well, well, what is that I seen on the scorecards? Well, 1 scorecard to be exact!!!! CONGRATS to Obadiah and Ray on their aces on holes 20 & 23 respectively. 10 bonus points added to your totals.

3 other eagles on the week. Brad, DaShawn, and Kelly all got the 2 on hole 24. Great shots all of you. Brad was long of the pin with a decent C1X to make his. Kelly was C2 for his. DaShawn will have to fill us in on his.

Lots of other great shots out there I’m sure. Tell your tales in the comments section.

Hole stats posted below.

UDisc site updated:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/13-Aug-gUrJ?tab=scores

DGScene site updated:https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

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Week 22, League Summary

So here we go. 22 weeks in the books. 

Philip with a commanding performance on the course this week. He went bogey free and managed a -10(47). Most impressive is the only birdie of the week on hole 11 and 1 of 2 birdies of the week on hole 15 (w/ Eli being the other). Too bad it was a card of 2 and I’m just going to have to start enforcing the card of 3 rule this week. Sorry man, no points for you. 😧

Coming in tied for 2nd this week is a tie between Brad and Eli with their -5(52)’s.

Honorable mentions this week are Clayton w/ his solo birdie on hole 2. Nice shot man!!! Bradand Kelly snagging the only 2’s on hole 9. Nice work. Only a couple of birdies on hole 14, most notably Ricky. (sorry Clay & Eli, I expect you guys to get it)

Hole stats for the week posted below as well as scorecards.

UDisc site updated: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/6-Aug-8oSw?tab=scores

As well as the leaderboard on DGScene: (even Philip’s score) https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

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Week 21 League Update

Well, the short layouts seem to bring out the numbers. 53 turned out this week to take on the birdie friendly Short to Red Loop at Ditto Farms.

LOT’S of accolades to hand out this week, so bare with me….

Taking down the win this week is a tie between Matthew and Philip with their -9(46)’s. Very nice rounds to both of you. This is Matthew’s 1st win of the season, congrats to you sir. And Philip’s 3rd of the year, keep up the good work.

Coming in 4 way tie for 3rd place are Asher, Brad, Clement, & Robert with their -8(47)’s. Good rounds from you all as well.

On to the praises…. 1st off. Les owes some plastic out. Congrats to Jonner for snagging the only ACE of the weekend on hole 14 on the last card of the weekend. Someone from his card fill us in on the details. Les, if you get me the disc, I can drop it off to him. Congrats Jon on the Ace, the course obviously showing some designer love to you.

11 players (20% of the field) with bogey free rounds. That’s a pretty impressive stat. (Kellywould argue his round was bogey free also, but that’s semantics for another conversation).

40 of our 53 players(75%) coming in at par or below. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Many of our new players are making great improvements in their games. Keep up the hard work everyone.

Hole stats posted below as well as scores. 

As always, DGScene leaderboard is updated:https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

And also the UDisc page:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/30-Jul-V93N?tab=scores

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Week 20, League Summary

Well, we had one of our lowest turnouts of the year this week. Hopefully the long layouts aren’t too intimidating. Perhaps it’s just vacation season.

Congrats this week go out to Kelly, snagging his 4th win of the season. His -3(56) was nearly clean with just 1 bogey on the round. Great job sir!

McBaskets Mcdaniel back in the limelight where he belongs. His -1(58) good enough to secure 2nd place this week.

Rounding out the top 3 is a 3 way tie for 3rd between Clayton, Eli, and Russell, with their even par 59’s. Good rounds gentleman.

Good birdies on the following holes:

Eli w/ the only 2 on hole 27.

Brad w/ the solo 2 on 19.

Matthew McBaskets w/ the solo deuce on 7.

Clayton & Shawn with the only birdies on 17.

Clayton & Brad w/ the only birdies on hole 1.

That rounds out the holes w/ the fewest birdies on them. Great job guys.

Hole stats included below.

DGScene leaderboard is updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Also, the UDisc page: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/23-Jul-9KZq?tab=scores

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Week 19 League Summary

Well, it was a hot one this weekend. Those few that played Sunday definitely had the weather advantage. 

Congrats to Russell for taking down his 2nd win of the season with his -3(53). Rounding out the top 3 is a tie for 2nd between Adam & Kelly with their -1(54)’s. Good rounds from each of you.

Russell & Philip w/ the birdies on 2 is impressive. Philip w/ the solo birdie on 3, congrats. Eli w/ the solo birdie on 10, WOW!!! Laray w/ the solo birdie on 11, great shot! 

Hole stats included below.

DGScene points updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Also the UDisc page:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/16-Jul-xsjA?tab=scores

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Week 18, League Summary

Week 18 recap: It was a hot one this weekend with many scattered storms passing through the area. 44 turned out this week to take on the Mixed Top Longs layout. By the look of the scores, this one didn’t want to give up too many good scores.

Let’s start with the obvious… UDisc shows hole 14 as a Par 3 on the leaderboard when it plays as a Par 4. I caught this on Sat. and updated the layout, but since the league round was already started it didn’t update the leaderboard. Those of you that played Sunday and Monday will show it as correct on your scorecards. Basically, everyones score is 1 stroke lower that the UDisc Leaderboard pictured below.

Hole stats below are based on Hole 14 playing as a Par 4.

Accolades time…. Congrats, again, to Brad on taking down the win with his -1(59). Big shot on 18 with the solo birdie of the week.

Clayton comes in 2nd with a even par 60. Following closely is a 3 way tie for 3rd by Asher, Eli, and Russell with their +1(61’s).

Birdies worth mentioning:

Brad & Russell getting hole 1.

Clayton, Jacob, Philip, and Scott getting hole 4.

Russell with the solo birdie on 7. NICE!!!

Kelly, Ryan, & Joel getting hole 9. WOW!!!

Brandon, Obadiah, Chad, and Lee getting hole 13. Not a gimme!

Shawn, Philip, Paul, & Derwin on getting hole 14. Tricky one!

Asher, Shawn, and Dustin for getting 19. Smooth pull gents!

Lots of other great shots out there, I’m sure.

DGScene Leaderboard is updated:https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

UDisc site also:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/9-Jul-fBk2?tab=scores

Week 19 post drops in the morning. Have a great week everyone.

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Week 17, League Summary

Week 17 in the books, and with that we’re half way through the season. Hard to believe.

Lets start this weeks post welcoming 3 new members to the club. Garman and Olivia working hard this year recruiting new members. Welcome Joey Pierce, Joseph Depp, and Sidd Shah to the 717FDC. We hope to see you out for more rounds.

This week Philip took down his 2nd win of the season shooting a -7(48). Also the only person to birdie 17 this week, that’s a great shot!

Brenin and Clayton rounding out the top 3 with their respective -6(49) and -5(50). Great shooting fellas.Hole stats and scores are posted below. Week 18 info drops in the AM.

DGScene Leaderboard has been updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Also UDisc: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/2-Jul-EqiZ?tab=scores

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Week 16, League summary

l’ve lost count, what week are we in? I think it’s 16, WOW!!!!!

Scores are recorded for this week, only 39 participated in this sweltering heat. Looks like this short layout got the best of most of us.

Congrats Brad on taking down yet another win (#5) with his impressive -10(44).

Also congrats to the pair of Matt’s tying for 2nd at -6(48).

Holes stats posted below.

Points on the DGScene page updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

And also the UDisc page: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/25-Jun-ltiR?tab=scores

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Week 15, League summary

Week 15 complete!

26 club members participated in the MDX7 tournament this weekend. 54 total members completed a league round this week. Great turnout!! With so many members playing in the tournament, I know it was a little more difficult to get your cards together. Keep up the good work though on getting at least 3 to a card.

Ditto Longs proved to be a bit more difficult this week. Kelly takes down his 3rd win of the season with a -1(57). The only player to score under par. Congrats on a great round.

Happy to see McBaskets make his 1st appearance since April. Welcome back man, don’t be a stranger.

Also want to give props to Dave for shooting a personal best +6(64). Way to go man, great job!

Lots of other stories out there I’m sure.

DGScene leaderboard is updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Also, the UDisc page: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/17-Jun-ux5n?tab=scores

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Week 15 League Info: Tournament Week, Please Read!

This week we return to Ditto Farms and play the Long to Yellow layout. This weekend is also the MDX7 tournament on Saturday, so the course will be unavailable for play on that day. To accommodate, league rounds this week can begin on Thursday and play through Monday.If you are playing in the MDX7, your tournament round at Ditto Farms WILL count as your league round for the week.If you are playing in the tournament and do not want the tournament round to count as your league round, here are your options:

  1. Play your league round on Thursday or Friday before the tournament.
  2. Send me a PM and let me know that you will play your league round sometime after the tournament. If you don’t notify me before Sat. morning, your tournament round will count as your league round.
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