Week 8 slows the pace

Week 8 in the books. Our lowest turnout of the year at 44 players, that’s still not too shabby in my book. Still more players in one week that we had total participants last year.

A new name on top this week. Philip taking down the win with his -7(54). Great Shooting! Kelly and Clement rounding out the top 3, good shooting to you as well. Scorecard honorable mentions:Brad, Brandon, & Matt getting holes 3-6. Dave w/ a solid round 2 weeks in a row with his +2(59). Seeing lots of improvement from this guy! Andy was on my card and his +6(63) was a personal best for the course. Congrats!!

Points are updated on DGScene:https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Also on UDisc:https://udisc.com/leagues/717/30-Apr-tARM?tab=scores

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Week 7 Leagues, no slowing down

Week 7 is in the books. We had 55 turn out this week to take on the Top 18 Long layout at Whispering Falls.

Once again, Brad takes down the win with a -3(56). Great shooting. Clement w/ the Eagle on hole 25. Great Shot!! McBaskets w/ the lone birdie on hole 3. That’s a tough one to get. Great job Matt. I’m sure there are a bunch of other stories of great shots, scorecards only tell part of the story.

DGScene leaderboard has been updated: https://www.discgolfscene.com/…/717FDC…/leaderboards

And the UDisc page as well: https://udisc.com/leagues/717/23-Apr-Qg04?tab=scores

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VII Apparel Co. launches 717FDC Jersey’s

717FDC has been working with VII Apparel Co. to design and bring some cool looking shirts and jersey’s to market.

If you watch watch any of the DGPT coverage or Jomez coverage, you may recognize the VII name as the supplier of those sweet looking jersey’s the entire Jomez crew is wearing as well as many of the touring pros. Now they are available to you in 3 designs featuring 717FDC logos.

Head over to our VII Merch page for more information and to order one of these beautiful jersey’s for yourself.

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Week 5 Leagues sets attendance high mark.

Week 5 in the books. A club record 63 members played this weekend.

Lots of accolades to be mentioned this week. Congrats to Brad and Kelly for tying for the lead spot with a -8(47). New rule will be implemented this week. If 2 players tie for the lead, the points will be split instead of given to each. I kid of course, great round to both of you and a fun battle to follow online while it happened.

Next accolade goes out to Asher. Seems like it’s not a proper weekly post if I’m not mentioning this kids name. Asher aced hole 7 earning him an additional 10 points this week. Great job Asher, I’ll resume giving you a weekly nickname.

Next up, Obadiah. While 6 strokes off the lead, he’s the only player to turn in a bogey free round. Great job keeping it clean.

Next up, let’s hear it for the ladies. Another club record with with 4 turning out this week. Our league/sport is predominantly male dominate and it’s nice to see a stronger female contingency.

Lastly, we saw quite a few new/1st time league players this week. Thanks for coming out this week and helping us break our club record. We hope to see you out more.

League leader board has been updated on DGScene
Also on the UDisc page.

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Leagues – Week 4

Week 4 of leagues in the books. Another great turn out this Easter weekend with 45 playing. Only 1 of the 4 hidden Easter eggs was claimed. Congrats Ray on finding the egg on hole 15 and winning a new Discmania G-Line DD2 from my stash. I’ll get this to you at one of the rounds soon. The 3 remaining eggs are still on the course, but sorry folks, this was only for Easter weekend.
A bit of return to normalcy this week with Brad taking down the win, shooting the hot round of 50 (-8). This also puts him in the lead (barely) in the overall points standings.
Next week finds us back at Ditto Farms playing the Yellow Loop (Long Tees to Red Pins) Layout. Start getting your cards together now and get your rounds in.
Points have been updated on the DGScene page and the UDisc Page.

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New tournament added to the schedule

Today we announce that an additional 717FDC tournament has been added to the yearly schedule.

Sat. May 22, 2021 will be the Rhodes Grove Rambler. A 2 round PDGA C-tier event being held at Rhodes Grove Camp & Conference Center, 7693 Browns Mill Road, Chambersburg, PA, 17202

Early Registration for club members opens on April 21st at 8PM and General Registration opens April 22nd at 8PM.

For all the details, check out the Event Page on this website or go to the DGScene webpage.

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Week 3 of leagues continues on a hot streak.

Week 3 is in the books. 49 players turned out this weekend, which is impressive considering only 17 members played in the Harvest Tournament on Saturday. (More on that in a bit).

Points are updated on the DGScene page:

Congrats to DaShawn Martin on taking down the win this week with a -6 (51). Well done sir. I guess since Asher didn’t win this week, I’ll have to take it easy on him with the weekly nicknames.(for now)

Extra Kudos to the last card in for the week. To say you were chasing the dark would be an insult to the dark. I hope you guys brought glow discs with you for those last few holes.

Thank you to everyone that came out and participated this weekend. Next week is at Cove Valley playing the short (Main) layout. Look for my post on Wed. morning for more details.

Now, as for league rounds during tournament weekends. We’ve had a little discussion today regarding the course availability during tournament weekends. It’s slightly less fair to the club members who don’t participate in tournaments to have their available course time restricted. In order to try to make things more fair for everyone, we will extend league weekends when they coincide with a 717FDC tournament. So, in June for the MDX7 tournament weekend, we will add the Thursday before as an extra day for your league rounds. For the Ditto Duo in August, we will add both the Thursday before and Tuesday after as extra days since that tournament is on both Sat. and Sun. We’ll release more details on this closer to the dates, but I wanted to let everyone know that we’re thinking of you. Flex start is new to us this year and it’s a work in progress, so bare with us while we figure out the nuances.

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2021 Leagues Continues to Explode!

Week 2 in the books! I’m BEYOND excited as to how this year is starting out. In week 1 we had a turn out of 44. Week 2 said “Hold my beer!” as 54 players went out and got their rounds in. What a turn out, AGAIN!!! Let’s keep this kind of attendance rolling.
Asher taking down the win, AGAIN, with a -6 (51) and 57 points to add to his season. Great job Asher! I know we all give you a hard time, but it’s just ENVY! We’re all excited to see where your Disc Golf journey takes you.
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