2023 Membership, League, & Tournament Information

Happy New Year to everyone in the 717FDC. I hope you’ve had a good holiday season and have been getting some rounds in with the mild winter we’ve had so far.


Membership is now open for 2023. If you’re a new member wishing to join or an old timer looking to renew your membership with the club, please head over to the clubs website and fill out the membership form. http://www.717fdc.com/membership As in past years, being a member is required to participate in the weekly points league. You will also be invited to participate in a year end finale event. Since we are a PDGA affiliate club, club membership can also get you $5 off your PDGA membership (contact me for the discount code). All the other benefits are laid out on the membership page linked above. Tags have been ordered and are on their way. Rest assured, we will get one to you as soon as we can.


For the 2023 season, we will be sticking with UDisc Leagues and the “Flex Start” format. We feel this was the main reason we saw the high participation numbers in past years and want to continue this trend. Rounds may be played anytime from Friday thru Monday as long as your card contains 3 club members. The exception to this will be the scheduled rounds at Cove Valley. Rounds at CV will be a fixed 1:00PM start time on the Sunday they are schedule.

We will continue with the same divisions as last year. This worked well to tighten up the points races going in to the end of the season. When you check in for your league round, you’ll be asked to select a division. To keep things simple we are using the same divisions as we used for the 2022 season. Recreational/Novice (REC), Intermediate (INT), and Advanced/Open (ADV). Please choose the division you feel best suits your playing stye and competitive needs. If you’re not sure what division you should play in, just ask. We’ll try and guide your decision. And please, no sand bagging! This is supposed to be fun for everyone.

This years we’ve done away with our monthly mini’s. While turnout was good, we clearly have higher numbers with the flex start format.

One other change we’ve made is that players will be required to participate in at least 5 weekly league events to be qualified for the year end finale. We feel is in the best interest of fairness that members who regularly participate be eligible for finale prizes.

The full league schedule is currently published under the events page on this website. It is also available to see in UDisc.


This year the club will be hosting 3 sanctioned C-Tier Tournaments and 1 non-sanctioned tournaments. Mark your calendar’s now with the following dates.

2/18/23 – Annual Whispering Falls Freeze (Ice Bowl). BYOP doubles tournament benefitting a local food bank and children’s backpack programs.

4/29/23 – 16th Annual Whispering Falls Harvest. 2 round tournament at Whispering Falls.

5/20/23 – 3rd Annual Rhodes Grove Rambler. The camp really appreciated the success of last years event and has invited us back for more.

7/29/23 – Ditto Duo. 2 round tournament at Ditto Farms.

Tournament pages are preliminarily published now on this site as well as on Disc Golf Scene.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read. We look forward to an exciting year with the club. See you all out there soon. All club events can be viewed on their respective DGScene pages as well. https://www.discgolfscene.com/clubs/717FDC/events

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Posted by Chad Keener