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2021 League Finale Summary

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Finale to cap off a great season! It was a little brisk at the start, but by the time we finished all the shenanigans it was a nice sunny afternoon. We had some solid scores, some upsets in the putting bracket, and a few bombs dropped in the long drive. The highlight of the day for me was seeing Raul park the 332ft hole 21 with his offhand, on his first offhand throw attempt ever!

All scores have been entered and anyone that won a prize will be getting an email from Central PA Discgolf early this week with instructions on how to claim your winnings!

I’d also like to highlight one category of season stats- this year we had 7 players complete a league round every week for the entire 37 week season! Kudos to Ray Trail, Clayton Smith, Cody Waldron, Philip Miller, Eli Lawrence, Chad Keener, and Brad Lescalleet for your Ironman like performance.

See ya’ll at the Gobbler.…/717_Points_Finale_2021

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717FDC 2021 League Finale

Thank you to each and every one of you for participating in our singles league this year! We know it looked and felt different than some of our past seasons, but your flexibility and understanding has helped to make it an overwhelming success! We’ve had more participation this year than any previous year, including a multitude of brand new players, and more “every week players” than we’ve previously seen as well. Talks and plans of how we can follow up this great season next year are well underway, but first we finale!

717 2021 League Finale!

Saturday November 6th

Check in: 8-8:30AM, hole 16 pavilion.

Player meeting: 8:30AM

Shotgun tee: 9AM

• One round of 27 shorts at Whispering Falls

• 3 divisions, Pro/Am/Rec.

• Payout for top 3 finishers in each division; PayPal for Pro and Central PA Discgolf gift cards for Am/Rec.

• Multiple bonus payouts for several season long statistical categories.

• Matchplay putting and divisional long drive contests.

• Multiple in-round CTP prizes.

**Please let us know which division you are playing NO LATER than Wednesday November 3rd by 8PM. Groups will be based on points within each division.

*Admin team reserves rights to squash attempted sandbagging mightily and hastily 🔨

**Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see you there!

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Week 34, League Summary

Well, what can I say. It’s been a great year. One last weekly summary before heading in to the finale and off-season. I want to thank each and every one of you that has participated in a league round this year. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of participation and the growth of the sport we love in the past 2 years. Each of you have made this club and league what it is. We couldn’t do it without you and we hope you’ve enjoyed participating. Here’s looking forward to more growth next year.

Speaking of the finale, have you commented on Brad’s post pinned in the announcement section if you are attending? Registration closes at 8:00PM on Wed. 11/3. If you know someone that is not on FB that plans to attend, please get ahold of them and comment on their behalf.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program. Last card of the season tonight was Mark, Ryan, Les, Cody, and Ricky pushing the boundaries of what may be considered daylight and finishing well after sunset. Photo below by Mark.

This week Brad once again takes down the win (his 4th in a row and 13th of the season) with a hot round of -8(49). For the last time this season, WELL DONE SIR! (getting really tired of saying that).

Philip picking up the pace from recent outings and putting together a nice round with his -6(51). Good enough to snag him 2nd place on the week. Good job sir!

Kelly picking up the 3rd place spot this week with a -4(53). Nice round to you sir.

Last accolades of the season:

Shawn with the solo birdie on 2. This is always impressive to see on the scorecards. Great shot sir!

Ryan with the solo birdie on 14. Well done on this often difficult to get hole.

Just 2 birdies on hole 7, another one that is tough to get with the low ceiling. Congrats to both Brad & Kelly for snagging this one.

UDisc site is updated:

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As always, hole stats posted below!

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Week 33, League Summary

Our last league round at Ditto this year is in the books. 32 players came out to take on the short course and see how low they could go.

Lot’s of blue on the cards, but Brad’s is plastered. He birdied 16 of 18 w/ 1 par and 1 bogey for a scorching hot -15(40). Great round sir, it was fun to witness.

Russell managed to get 12 of 18 with only 1 bogey for his -11(44). Also a heater of a round.

Tied for 3rd were Asher and Clayton with their -9(46)’s. Not too shabby at all gents.

Accolades time: Let’s start with the obvious. Clayton knocked down the ace on hole 7. Congrats to you sir! This is the 8th ace in leagues this year. You all should be glad there’s no ace pot, that well would be dry!

Next up, clean cards. Asher, Eli, Ray, and Mark all played bogey free rounds. Congrats to each of you for keeping it clean.

Lastly, notable birdies. While this layout is a veritable birdie fest, there are 2 holes worth mentioning birdies on. Only 5 people (Brad, Paul, Russell, Adam, & Mark) managed to snag the 2 on hole 6 which played as the most difficult hole. Well done! Also hole 15 saw 7 birdies on the weekend while playing as the 2nd hardest hole. Robert, Shawn, Kelly, Lee, Russell, Adam, and Mark managed to get this one. Well done each of you.

As always, hole stats below.

UDisc site updated:

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Week 32, League Summary

Just 21 this week. We’re winding down and so is the participation count. Still plenty of fun to be had by all.

This week Brad takes down his 11th win of the year with a -6(51). Also had one of the 2 birdies on hole 2. Well done sir!

Russell takes the number 2 slot with his -3(54). He managed to snag 1 of the 2 birdies on hole 7. Great job sir!

Shawn grabbed the number 3 position with his -2(55). He managed to get the other birdie on hole 2 and the solo birdie of the week on hole 9. Great shots sir!

Hole stats below.

UDisc page updated:

DGScene leaderboard updated:…/717FDC…/leaderboards

Just 2 weeks left to earn some points prior to the league finale. Information on that will be coming out shortly.

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Week 31, League Summary

Another weekend complete, just 3 weeks left for the season. We had 22 participate this week.

Brad once again took down the win (his 10th of the season) with a -7(47). Kelly came in 2nd with a -4(50). Tying for 3rd were Eli and Asher with their -3(51)’s. Well done all of you.

Hole stats posted below.

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Week 30, League Summary

1st of all, I’d like to give a huge shout out to Corey and crew that had Rhodes Grove looking in prime condition. The field holes looked and played as good as they ever have. The rest of the course was in great shape too. Gotta also say thanks to Matt for going out and trimming some before leagues this week.

OK, congrats to Eli for tearing up the course. -10(47) is a seriously hot score. 12 birdies and 2 bogeys, just WOW! 

Coming in 2nd was Clayton with his -6(51). Well done sir!

And in 3rd place we have a tie between Asher and Brad with their -5(52)’s. Good job to both of you.

Just a few accolades this week. Hole 11 tied as the 2nd most difficult and only saw 1 birdie. Good job Eli on being the only person to get this one. That’s a heck of a drive.

Hole 14 was also tied as 2nd most difficult and saw only 2 birdies this week. Congrats to Clayton and Asher for taking this one down.

Hole 9 played a bit easier than the previously mentioned, but also only saw 2 birdies on the week. Congrats to Clayton and Clement for being able to get this one.

Would also like to give a shout out to Lee for shooting his personal best of +1(58). As per his post earlier, this bettered his PB by 7 strokes. Well done sir.

Hole stats posted below.

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Week 29, League Summary

Well, I’m home from vacation and catching up on the league info.

Just 20 turned out for Long to Red’s at Ditto last weekend, very surprising as this course usually brings the largest turnout.

Keeping it short for this post. Brad took down the win with a -6(49). Kelly came in 2nd with a -4(51) and Clay took 3rd with a -3(52).

Hole stats posted below.

UDisc site updated:

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Week 28, League Summary

A light showing this week for our final trip of the season to Cove Valley. Just 23 showed to take on the mixed tees layout.

I have a video of Paul wading into the lake to retrieve a disc. He gave me permission to share it, but no one should have to look at those hiked up pants, white legs.

This week we have a tie for 1st between Clayton and Brad. Both put in good rounds of -5(57)’s. This counts as Clay’s 2nd win of the season and Brad’s 8th. Well done to both of you.

Tied for 3rd are Asher and Matthew with their -3(59)’s. Great job both of you on this mixed layout.

Accolades time: This week it’s tough for me to decide where to start. I think I’ll leave it up to you in the comments. Which is more impressive, Asher’s Eagle 2 on hole 17 or Clay’s solo back to back birdies on holes 10 & 11? Both are great accomplishments that they should be proud of. Mcdaniel’s had the solo birdie on 16 with an obstructed long C1X putt to get it. Well done sir! Lot’s of other great things on the cards, but my fingers are getting tired.

Hole stats posted below. I find it curious that holes 6 & 10 from the short tees played harder than any of the holes we played from the long tees.

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Week 27, League Summary

Another week in the books. It was a busy Monday night at the course. Just 17 played from Friday through Sunday, but 14 showed this evening to get their rounds in.

Asher rode his bike to the course tonight and said, I heard there’s a disc golf course here. (He didn’t really say this, but should have) He then proceeded to destroy said course and shoot a league low for the year at -11(46). You young man, piss me off.😂😂😂 Seriously though, WELL DONE! Despite the bogey on 10, impressive round sir!

Eli pushing his posted start time to the last minute, arrives and with limited warmup, fills in the 2nd place spot with his -8(49). I heard a tale (from him) of a drive on hole 10 to 15 feet and a missed birdie putt. Sir, don’t tell these stories if you don’t want them spread on the internet. Despite that, nice shooting.

Brad rounds out the top 3 with his -5(52). Five in a row on the front 9 and an even back 9 is pretty solid for this course. Nice work sir.

Accolades time: This week Lee said he was tired of reading about stupid birdies getting all the praise. He decided to put up an Eagle to get a proper conversation going. Lee managed to get his 2nd career ACE on hole 3. CONGRATS on a great shot to you sir!!!

Now on to the boring birdies. 3 holes saw just one birdie each this week. Eli got the solo bridie on hole 2, no small feat. Josh got the solo birdie on hole 9. Big pull from you sir, well done. And this weeks winner Asher got the solo birdie on hole 11. This should surprise no one. This young man was on fire tonight.

Hole stats posted below.

UDisc page updated:

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Everyone have a great week.

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